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We’ve worked with some of Singapore’s most unfortunate

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Dr Ganesh Ramalingam, the head Surgeon at G & L surgical focuses on giving back to the community As a doctor, together with my G&L Surgical Team, we are in a unique position to give back to our patients, our communities, and those in need. With this position comes great responsibility. We must set an example, share our good fortune and expertise, and respond to our calling to give back. Read More









Member of GP+

Dr Ganesh is a proud member of GP+, a cooperative comprising dedicated doctors committed to improving healthcare delivery. GP+ aims to enhance the quality and affordability of healthcare by assembling a comprehensive network of healthcare professionals to cater to the public’s healthcare needs. Their mission aligns perfectly with Dr Ganesh’s dedication to serving the public, maintaining transparency in clinic quality and pricing, and providing unwavering support to healthcare providers, ensuring that everyone receives the best possible care.

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