Dr Ganesh closes G&L Surgical Clinic in the spirit of Christmas

4 March 2020

G&L Surgical Clinic Pays It Forward This Christmas 

Every year, as Christmas rolls in, many of us get into the spirit of gifting. The season of goodwill is also a time for businesses to give back to the community and improve their corporate social responsibility goals.

Likewise, Dr Ganesh Ramalingam and Lisa Gwee, CEO of G&L Surgical Clinic took a break from work last Christmas as per their yearly tradition to give back to society.

Resonating deeply with the Sree Narayana Mission Home’s values of service with care and compassion, Dr Ganesh and Lisa spent their Christmas with the elderly there. On 19 December 2019, the G&L Surgical Clinic joined the folks at the Home and spread some festive joy.

About Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home

The Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home is one of the nation’s leading charitable organisations. Following the footsteps of philosopher and social reformer, Sree Narayana Guru, the home was built to provide social and community services for the those in need, especially the elderly. It provides a range of welfare programmes and aid for the community at large.

Giving Back Is More Than Just Corporate Social Responsibility 

Giving Back Is More Than Just Corporate Social Responsibility

More than just an initiative, Dr Ganesh and Lisa firmly believe in the trickle-down effect of delivering positive social change, a role that businesses have fulfilled year after year to develop the communities around them.

Believing in Christmas as a season of the Lord’s inception, Dr Ganesh considers it the perfect time to revel in the blessings that humanity has received. When Christmas comes around, G&L Surgical focuses on gratitude and giving with the less fortunate.

Focusing On Gratitude

Focusing On Gratitude

At the Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home, Dr Ganesh, Lisa, and colleagues from G&L Surgical spent the day socialising and interacting with the elderly. They played games, with Bingo coming in as a crowd favourite, sang songs and had many conversations throughout the event.

At the same time, as many of the elderly folks and staff members had questions on stomach-related conditions, Dr Ganesh took the time to address their queries revolving reflux, constipation and stomach bloats.

Lisa expressed the fulfilment she derived from the day’s activities and from the happiness that was reflected on the faces of the elderly. Corporate social responsibility at G&L Surgical Clinic comprises of more than just the importance of giving back to host communities; it is an integral part of the company’s culture and business of taking care of people.

“As a mother, I’m glad I was able to bring my two girls along and share this experience with them. Hopefully, we can cultivate a sense of empathy and kindness.”

Why We Give Back At G&L Surgical Clinic

At the heart of what we do in the medical profession, giving back is more than just a social responsibility. Dr Ganesh and Lisa strongly believe in the restorative effects of going beyond your needs and challenges as an individual to support someone in need.

Simple acts of service inculcate in us an ability to look past our own circumstances to develop and contribute to meaningful experiences for those in need.

G&L Surgical Clinic will continue to give back and promote causes close to the heart.

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