“Authenticity” – Dr Ganesh Ramalingam Tells A Magazine What it Means to Him

9 July 2021

Article first published on A Magazine

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam, A Magazine, Authenticity, GL Surgical

The general surgeon with subspecialities in gastrointestinal, advanced laparoscopy, endoscopy, bariatric and trauma surgery heads G&L Surgical Clinic. As youth service director of the Rotary Club of Singapore, he also champions initiatives that support personal hygiene and mental health both locally and overseas.

“Our ethos for our clinic processes and our practice of medicine happen to be based on 3 A’s: ability, affability and availability. But authenticity is a good summary of how we try to lead our lives, how we practice our trade in surgery and service, and how my wife, Lisa Gwee, and I bring up our children.

We try to achieve all this with a genuine heart, using well-proven and original methods both at home and in the clinic based on accurate and reliable facts. All these intuitive initiatives are to eventually lead and teach a purposeful and meaningful life.

These are all definitions of ‘authenticity’ that we teach our staff and our children and, most importantly, ourselves on a daily basis, with inspiration from our faith.

We manifest these ideals through helping people medically and surgically at our clinic, participating in humanitarian and environmentally-friendly activities and societies, like the Rotary Club of Singapore and the Monaco Foundation, of which both my wife and I are active members, and our own personal charity events through churches and government organisations.”

Art direction by Catherine Wong, photography by Darren Gabriel Leow

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