G&L Surgical Team Receives Covid-19 Vaccination

17 February 2021

The Team That Vaccinates Together, Stays Together

Uniting against a common “enemy”, G&L team takes the lead to vaccinate ourselves to further bolster our fight against CoVid-19. The year is just getting started so let’s not let our defences down.

Stay strong and united and we will be able to brave through 2021 towards a greater recovery. We can do it!

Covid-19 Vaccine, GL SurgicalNew couple goals unlocked! While we may have shared lots of new experiences together, getting vaccinated at the same time is definitely a first and is both special and meaningful.

As healthcare workers, one of the greatest worries we have is the safety of our families. While in the midst of treating patients, we come into close contact with people daily and the lingering thoughts of whether we might one day contract the virus is always there.

While not a cure, this vaccination helps give us a peace of mind that there is a defence that we can have against CoVid-19.

The battle is barely over but everyday we are proud to see the frontline healthcare workers, nurses and doctors alike, giving their all for the patients. Don’t give up and share loads of love and support to the healthcare workers around you.

Covid-19 Vaccine, GL Surgical

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