A Big Thank You To The Women Of G & L Surgical Clinic This International Women’s Day 2022

8 March 2022

This International Women’s Day, G&L Surgical Clinic wants to celebrate all the ladies in our lives–from mothers and daughters alike. We know that each woman has her own unique story regardless of the challenges and struggles in life. 

Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration and a source of encouragement throughout this journey to the people around you.

Here’s a special, dedicated shoutout to each of these amazing angels of our clinic! 

Ann – The Support

With dedication to her in-laws, husband, and family, along with juggling work, Ann shows her tenacity in taking care of everyone around her, whether it’s at work or home. Amidst her hectic schedule, Ann never fails to bring a smile with her to work. She thrives on supporting people and getting the job done.

You are always responsible and strive to complete your work well and on time. And I’ve noticed that you always make an effort to encourage your coworkers. Thank you for being such a positive force on our team! 

Jiaxin – The Caregiver

As a mother to one beautiful daughter, Jiaxin’s care for patients and love for family members is her top priority. Showering patients with respect and often going the extra mile to ensure they are well taken care of, her dedication ensures patients always receive the best. 

Thank you for going above and beyond to help patients. You never fail to make everyone’s day better when you’re here! I’m so grateful for all of your hard work. It definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Boey – The Cornerstone

As a new addition to the team, Boey quickly rose to the challenge and showed that she is the gel that bonds the team and never fails to exceed patients’ expectations. She’s ever-ready to take on new challenges and shows experience is easily overcome with perseverance. 

A reliable employee is the best gift a boss can ask for. Thank you for being someone I can rely on. We’re blessed to have you as part of our team.

Rainie – The Dependable

Working behind the scenes, Rainie is a key paymaster in enabling everything that goes on within the clinic. As a mother herself, her resourcefulness helps her take on multiple roles while ensuring everyone is well supported.

You are a gift to your company, and we’re lucky that you work here. Thank you for being such a dependable employee!

Lisa (CEO of G&L Surgical Clinic) – The Champion

An embodiment of the true spirit of excellence, Lisa wears many hats, whether at work or home. As a mother, she plans unique learning sessions for her two lovely girls. At work, Lisa formulates plans to drive operations. Beyond work, she also champions volunteer work and is involved in Women Societies and the Rotary Club of Singapore. 

You’ve faced challenges and overcome many obstacles but always have the drive to keep going. Your dedication to your work is helping lead us to success! Thank you for your incredible example of never giving up and being our champion.

And there you have it, the Wonder Women of G&L Surgical Clinic. 

Cheers to all of you for showing unwavering support and care to our patients. Each of you act as the very pillars of this humble clinic.

I couldn’t thank all of you enough, and here’s celebrating each of your successes. 

Cheers to everyone,

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam

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