Lisa Gwee

29 May 2019

Lisa Gwee is always on a constant drive to achieve her goals and works tremendously hard in acquiring a range of professional experience across the industry. Armed with an impressive background in Relationship Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Business Management, among others, she is an effective team player who brings to the table a multitude of skills and expertise.

Having worked for a range of establishments that are highly-acclaimed, Lisa has put to practice successful sales strategies and key account executions that have surpassed her stakeholders’ business objectives. Her resilience and constant drive in pushing for results allow her to be creative in her ideas and develop impactful business solutions that have helped organisations remain competitive in the market. Lisa’s ability to take in new ideas and perform in fickle environments shows that she is adept in her work. Her intuitive yet thoughtful approaches in carrying out tasks reveal her mastery in tackling different types of projects. Topped with her resourcefulness, Lisa is able to successfully establish sound management and sales strategies that will prove results.

Lisa is ambitious, charismatic and self-motivated, and is always on the continuous drive to accomplish her aspirations. Currently, she is the founder of G & L Surgical Clinic and works alongside one of Singapore’s leading weight loss surgeons. Her extensive experience in management and sales has allowed her to effectively implement strategies to streamline the clinic’s operations and medical practice. She also takes charge of several aspects of the clinic’s day-to-day functions, which include accounting as well as human resources.

Lisa’s courage in pursuing risks in the professional world extends beyond – she is an adventurer with a love for wanderlust. She enjoys travelling to different countries around the world and exploring their food and culture. At home, Lisa filial nature shines through her commitment to her family and friends.

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