Standing Strong Together: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

31 October 2023

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, Dr Ganesh’s team at G&L Surgical stands united in unwavering support of this crucial cause. For Dr. Ganesh and his extraordinary all-female clinic team, this month is not just a campaign; it’s a commitment that extends throughout the year.

In a powerful show of solidarity, the G&L Surgical family came together to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They understand that awareness is not limited to just one month; it’s a year-round effort that requires continuous dedication.

To the warriors who’ve battled breast cancer, your courage and resilience inspire us all. Your journey underscores the importance of early detection, education, and support. While October may be ending, the conversation and support for breast cancer awareness continue, not just this month but always.

For Dr Ganesh, the commitment to healthcare, awareness, and supporting those facing breast cancer remains a constant, reflecting on his dedication to patient well-being and the community he serves. 


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